Alumni Leadership


Prof. Javed Musarrat

Vice Chancellor, Integral University

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Integral University is a pedagogical cornucopia, the dimensions of which traverse across demarcated regions and territories. This university nestles a myriad of cultural and epistemic riches that will certainly help in making it one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Indeed, with the changing global educational scenario, the horizons of professional pursuits are expanding, which provides enormous scope for students to unfold their skills and attain greater heights of success. The Integral University has the capacity to impart advanced education in contemporary fields of STEM, Management and Social sciences, Law and Medicine to produce graduates, postgraduates and researchers, enriched with both the theoretical and practical knowledge of newer technologies and skills. To attend this, we continuously update our courses and syllabi, keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscapes.

Our well-qualified faculty and trained staff are dedicated to engendering the all- round development of our students, and to kindling their inherent literary and creative talents, as well as, sportsmanship. We nurture and ignite the fertile Minds of their professional and personal success, and are committed to creating responsible citizen as the epitome of utmost ethics, and social and moral values.

Wishing you a very happy and productive academic year.