Alumni Leadership


Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar

Pro Chancellor, Integral University

Message from the Pro Chancellor

I extend my wishes to the Alumni Association of Integral University for helping us in bridging a gap between the old and the new students. The Association has worked day in and day out to gather the branched-out students and form a much-needed pillar of the University Integral University recognizes the achievements of its alumni who are spread out in the world and are enlightening others through the knowledge they acquired here. The association of the University and its students begins from the day they are admitted in the University to broaden their horizons to the day they fly away from their nest in search of their livelihood. In the process of providing world-class teaching-learning experiences and keeping them in the loop thereafter, the relationship between them and the University has become eternal.

I am highly elated to see that the alumni of Integral University have kept their heads high and have proven that the University has succeeded in achieving its mission and vision.

Welcome to Integral….Welcome to Excellence !