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The days we spend in our alma-mater are unanimously considered the best days of our life. These golden moments are significant because they are the formative years of what we are at present and numerous pleasant memories are associated with them. The mere reminiscence of the college days makes us nostalgic and we wish to relive them. The Integral University Alumni Association is a network that connects old friends together on the common platform, enlivens old days and thus brings a wide variety of skills and expertise. It also organizes lectures and talks by former students who are now big names in several professional areas.

Integral University Alumni Association (IUAA) is now healthy body of Integral University Alumni with its members working for leading firms and organizations across the globe. Yet those alumni who are not registered with the association as yet, especially those who have passed out before 2006, they can get lifetime membership of the association by simply filling up a form and paying rupees 500 only through online.

Membership of association Those eligible for membership of the association are :-

  • Graduates of the university
  • PG/PhD of the university

Integral University ensures that its alumni community stays well connected with the college. Several events are organized wherein the alumni interact with the students and share their corporate experiences.

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