Prof S.W.Akhtar, Chancellor,
Integral University Lucknow

The era of globalization and New-Age technology have today coincided with a big bang and joined hands together to effect a radical reorientation of life and society, science and technology. There are thus rapid changes occurring everyday on a global level. In order to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology and new knowledge domain Integral University has over a period of 10 years evolved into a forum of higher education and new knowledge- domain for thousands of young talents, thereby providing them a value— based career with a difference. Our students cherish and deeply value the time spent on the campus, and Integral University will certainly endeavor to ensure that the next phase of their life and experiences as alumni is equally rewarding, and offers them a lifetime’s value. It is our great desire that we actively involve and engage our alumni, who are spread out throughout the world, to take part in our activities, participate in our management, contribute to their alma mater through Endowment Funds, and also to serve as Think Tank for the future development of the University as well as to serve as our Brand Ambassadors. They will thus be able to serve the nation as well as the world in a befitting and enriching manner.

We stand high as a ten-year old platform through which many technical excellences of all times nurtured their future. In the fast-paced world, Integral University went through a series of developments including the foundation of Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, construction of new hostel buildings, Institute of Agriculture Sciences and Technology and increase in the students’ intake. I am confident that our alumni would fulfil the vision and mission of the university and would make India shine in the field of technology amongst all the countries and will go on encouraging an everlasting and sustainable peace all around.

I wish all the Integralites a bright future ahead!!!